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 Avantik offers the world’s first true low cost core reservation and sales distribution system for regional airlines and low cost carriers. Avantik offers a unified architecture with open connectivity, highest flexibility and a new and easy way of handling passenger sales.

Avantik is an integrated and web-enabled reservation and inventory system solution that includes Internet, call center, sales office, airport departure control functionality and more. Avantik is built expressly to satisfy the needs of airlines implementing an efficient, market-oriented and paper-less business model.

Avantik breaks with the philosophy of existing mainframe based airline reservation systems. Its innovative system and networking architecture, highly flexible graphical user interface, database design and use of industry standard components provide a highly flexible platform for an airline’s operational environment. It is geared to the needs of domestic, regional and low cost carriers.

Avantik is more than an airline reservations and check-in system. It provides integrated yield management tools, revenue accounting and planning applications. All operations data is shared on the network and easily accessible by any type of application and user.

Avantik is based on a modern, robust, state-of-the-art, multi-tier architecture also known as the 3-tier model.

The foundation for this concept is an object-oriented architecture that allows modular re-usable components that are available to all parts of the application. The database is conceived for flexibility and can be easily expanded. Internal control mechanisms monitor data consistency. Special processes allow the quality of data entries to be checked at the user level.

In contrast to legacy or conventional systems, entered data is not deleted but remains available online for as long as possible. Accumulated data is one of the most valuable assets in an enterprise that can be evaluated for middle and long term planning purposes.


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