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Bravo Passenger Solutions acquires 100% of Mercator Asia from dnata (Emirates Group), targets low-cost airlines with Avantik product.  

Bravo Passenger Solutions Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based provider of services to airlines, was set up by a group of corporate and private investors, all with strong aviation backgrounds, to provide airlines with modern, cost-efficient PSS (Passenger Service System) solutions for their operations.
Singapore, 6 May 2014.
Bravo Passenger Solutions Pte Ltd is a newly-established Singapore company whose shareholding is made of well-known companies and senior executives from the airline, leasing, banking and manufacturing industry.
The Company was founded by Jason Bitter (Chief Executive Officer) and Soeren Ferré (non- executive Chairman) and recruited senior executives with strong backgrounds in the airline low cost and PSS industries.
Jason Bitter and Soeren Ferré combine more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Jason as a CEO and senior executive in a number of low cost and regional airlines and Soeren as a sales and marketing executive at Airbus then a senior executive at Aercap, an aircraft lessor. In spite of a different but complementary experience, both noticed that the cost structure of airlines could be improved by providing the industry with simple and cost-efficient software solutions. Bravo Passenger Solutions was born.

“Having been involved with PSS solutions for airlines multiple times it was clear an opportunity exists to combine the excellent Avantik PSS product with a management team coming from the LCC sector to create a strong customer-focused proposition at a reasonable cost to airlines. We are extremely pleased that our team adds the experience from both LCCs and other PSS companies to enhance much-needed competition to this growing marketplace. As the only LCC PSS based in Asia, we see ourselves well-positioned for the next round of LCC growth in Asia.” Said Mr. Bitter.
“From the investor standpoint, we are very pleased that respectable and well-known players in the industry liked our business plan and decided to join us as shareholders, this in my opinion is the best vote of confidence we could have dreamt of receiving” says Soeren Ferré – Chairman.

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